5 Bathroom Design Trends for 2012

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), a non-profit trade association that has educated and led the kitchen and bath industry for more than 45 years, conducts an annual member survey to identify the latest trends in bathroom and kitchen design. Based on 350 responses throughout Canada and the United States, here are five (5) bathroom trends for 2012. Note that four (4) of the trends also cross over to Kitchen Design.

1. Medicine Cabinets

In recent years past, many decorators and designers have opted for decorative mirrors instead of the more traditional medicine cabinet. However, with many young people beginning the home buying experience in 500 sq ft condos and many others downsizing as their family needs change, efficient use of space is returning to the forefront on a larger scale. Since medicine cabinets are multi-functional – providing both hidden storage and a mirror – and have minimal to no impact on the overall footprint, they are a perfect addition to any bathroom, big or small!

2. The Return of Polished Chrome

Though brushed metal finishes have been dominant the past several years, polished chrome is being increasingly specified in both Bathroom and Kitchen applications. Consequently, the use of both satin and brushed chrome surfaces is on the wane. Stainless steel, which has a naturally polished surface, has also exhibited increased use. Bronze finishes are dipping in popularity.

3. Gray Love

Gray transitioned to a neutral colour quite some time ago. It creates a striking and elegant backdrop that does not overpower the rest of the design concept, which explains why it is rising in popularity. The most popular colour schemes remain whites and off-whites and bones and beiges. Gray currently sits as third most popular (in bathrooms), followed by browns and blues.

4. Transitional

Transitional styles have overtaken traditional for the first time ever since the NKBA began tracking design trends; the lines and details are less elaborate, resulting in a modern classic look and feel. Traditional is the second most popular, followed by contemporary, shaker, arts & crafts, and cottage styles, respectively.

5. Solid Surfaces

The use of solid surfaces has been rising in both the bathroom and kitchen, though granite and quartz remain the first and second most popular selections. In bathrooms, it is not necessarily used for countertops, but for thresholds, transitions, and/or shower bench seats.

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